The Fisherman and the Jinni

This is a quick-witted story about an intelligent child who meets the danger of time, and eventually will look like the fisherman that is equally calm and quick-witted! The elderly fisherman salvaged a strange jar and curiosity made him open the sealed bottle cap. Upon opening the jar, a hateful devil escaped from the jar and plans to massacre the fisherman. The intelligent fisherman had thought excellent means to seal away the hateful devil back into the jar. Do you want to know how he accomplished the task? No matter how much danger lies ahead, the fisherman was calm and quick-witted! This book-app is specifically created for kids from 6 to 10. Give them the THRILL OF READING… FOREVER!

Features include:
★ Various narration options including the most fun: record yourself
★ Control over sound effects
★ Dynamic page turning
★ Original text and illustration
★ Age-appropriate interactivity

Personal and social abilities nurtured by this book:
★ Improving vocabulary
★ Increasing the capacity for difficulties and failures
★ Teaching the child the importance of being smart

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