The Ebony Horse

The story of The Ebony Horse is one of the lesser-known tales from the collection known as, The Arabian Nights. A wealthy king owned a beautiful horse carved out of ebony that could fly! The king’s adventurous son discovered that the horse can fly and took it out for a spin-landing in a far away kingdom where he met and fell in love with a beautiful princess. What happened next? Read the book to find out! This book-app is specifically created for kids from 6 to 10. Give them the THRILL OF READING… FOREVER!

Features include:
★ Various narration options including the most fun: record yourself
★ Control over sound effects
★ Dynamic page turning
★ Original text and illustration
★ Age-appropriate interactivity

Personal and social abilities nurtured by this book:
★ Improving vocabulary
★ Increasing the capacity for difficulties and failures
★ Nurtures the capacity for empathy and for reference to the other

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